Friday, December 24, 2010

We cannot wait any longer!

December 24, 2010

Tears turned to hatred, hatred turned to contempt

Long time ago, I read that more than 3 million people died of starvation in North Korea in the late 1990’s. When I read it, I refused to believe it. That many people could not have died in such a short period, not without a war. During the Korean War, more than 3 million people perished in the Korean peninsula. It was peaceful and prosperous in South Korea in the late 1990’s. Names like Samsung and Hyundai began to appear in the U.S. market. Names like Seri Pak began to win the U.S. golf tournaments. South Korea hosted the 1988 Olympics!

A human rights activist came to me in 2002. He showed me the pictures of children dying in North Korea. The eyes of the dying children hit me. I saw a refugee woman flat-chested from hunger who I heard died three days after that picture was taken. I began to cry every time I saw those pictures. This cannot be! They were my people and my children. Mr. Moon gave me a stackful of letters and diaries written by North Koreans. Help me! Help us! We are starving to death! My father died last week. My mother died yesterday. My sister ran away to China. I am dying! I began to cry translating those horrors into English. Do something! Let’s do something! We cannot go on with our lives as if nothing happened!

I read more. I read about the concentration camps in North Korea. I read about the public executions. I read about the North Korean homeless orphans wandering about in China. I read about the refugees who were being sold just like the black slaves before the Civil War. It was worse. Much worse. The only comparable tragedies in the past were the Holocaust and the American Indian Genocide. Jews were to die! American Indians were to die! North Koreans are to die!

I began to work with the North Korean defectors in South Korea. I began to work with Mr. Moon who came to me in 2002 with those horrible pictures. We organized the Kim Jong-il’s Genocide Exhibit and began to go anywhere and everywhere we could to show the atrocities that were happening in North Korea. We went to Seoul, D.C., New York, Houston, L.A., Va., Md., Toronto, and other places with the Exhibit. Look at these dying children! Look at these concentration camps in North Korea! Hear the stories of the Abductees! Hear the stories of the prisoner of the Korean War! Look at the Death and Desperation! I cried with the pictures and the Exhibit.

Who was responsible for this genocide? I saw an Adolf Hitler in North Korea whose name was Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-il was responsible for the mass starvation! He lives like Caligula while his people were dying by the thousands everyday. He kills his own people like Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann in the Nazi concentration camps. He rules his country like Joseph Stalin. He murdered his own people like Mao Zedong or Pol Pot. He was the combination of all the evil dictators in the world and history. I stopped crying and began to hate Kim Jong-il with my whole being.

I read more. Who was most responsible for Kim Jong-il to carry on with the Genocide? Unbelievable as it was, it was the South Korean President! His name was Kim Dae Joong and his policy was Sunshine Policy! He poured Sunshine to Kim Jong-il, not the North Korean people. He gave billions of dollars, fertilizers, oil, and food to the regime, not the people. And he knew it! He used the national intelligence agents to buy the Nobel Peace Award. You know what he said when he was told he was awarded the 2000 Nobel Peace Award? I am sorry that Chairman Kim Jong-il is not the co-recipient! I began to hate Kim Dae Joong as much as I hated Kim Jong-il.

Kim Dae Joong and his political successor Roh Moo-hyun succeeded in brainwashing one whole generation in South Korea. North Koreans are our brothers and sisters! We need to help them! People in South Korea cheered. Yes, we have to have peace and coexistence among all Koreans! The Yankees are responsible for the division and the hatred between the two Koreas! The Yankees murdered two Korean school girls! Yankees, Go Home! The cows imported from the U.S. are all mad cows! You will die the second you eat the beef from the U.S.! The Americans are out to kill us all! DJ Kim and Roh succeeded in brainwashing one whole generation in South Korea. They were made to believe Kim Jong-il a wise leader and to believe that the U.S. would do anything for money and power. I hated DJ Kim and Roh with passion. They were not presidents but traitors.

Then came this idiot named Lee Myung Bak. He was elected as President in 2008 by a landslide. He was supposed to represent the conservatives and the patriots in South Korea standing firm against Kim Jong-il and the leftists in South Korea. I was against Lee Myung Bak from the beginning because I knew he was a crook. You cannot fight against a liar like Kim Jong-il with another liar like Lee Myung Bak. Anyhow, the conservatives supported and elected Lee Myung Bak as President. He came out with a slogan-policy named, “Middle and Practical!” I am not a rightist or a leftist. I am the middle man! He was not even a middle man. He appointed all the leftist traitors to high-ranking government posts. Left in South Korea does not mean the same left in the U.S. Left in South Korea means pro-Kim Jong-il and anti-American. They are the enemies of freedom and true human rights. They are like the Jimmy Carters, Bill Richardsons, or Donald Greggs in the U.S. Traitors! I began to hate the leftists in South Korea with passion. I began to realize Lee Myung Bak was not really with Republic of Korea, but with the leftist traitors in South Korea. When Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide in 2009, Lee Myung Bak buried him with so-called “People’s Funeral.” When Kim Dae Joong died shortly after, Lee Myung Bak buried him with “National Funeral.” Lee Myung Bak buried two traitors with the highest honors. I began to detest Lee Myung Bak, the Crook.

Kim Jong-il has murdered more than 3 million people. He developed the nuclear weapons with the money Kim Dae Joong and Roh Moo-hyun provided under the name of Sunshine Policy. Now, Kim Jong-il is threatening the Holy War against South Korea and the U.S. with his nuclear bombs. Not just threats, but he attacked South Korean warships and bombed South Korean island. He killed South Korean soldiers and civilians by the dozens. You know what Lee Myung Bak did? He screamed “Resolute Retaliation!” after the South Korean warship was torpedoed down, but he did NOTHING! Kim Jong-il bombed Yonpyong Island, and Lee Myung Bak screamed “Resolute Retaliation!” Then he did NOTHING! He is still screaming from his basement at the Blue House, “Resolute Retaliation if they attack us again!” The Sheperd Boy cried, “Wolf, wolf, wolf!” Lee Myung Bak is not even a sheperd boy but a liar crying, “Resolute Retaliation!”

I write this story for the U.S. readers. I write it for the Americans because this horror is not just a Korean issue. It is a vital issue to the U.S. and the whole world. Kim Jong-il has been, is being, and will be supported by the Evil Empire named China. China did not care when Kim Jong-il murdered millions of his own people. China repatriated tens of thousands refugees from North Korea. They are economic migrants, not political refugees! The refugees who were sent back to North Korea were tortured, imprisoned, even publicly executed by Kim Jong-il. China needs Kim Jong-il and North Korea to fend off Japan and the U.S. in Asia. Why would they kill the bulldog watching their door? Why would they pull the teeth off from the bulldog watching their interests? China will never side with South Korea and the U.S. against North Korea. Hu Jintao and Kim Jong-il are the same kind of dictators. Look at what China did to Tibet and Uighur peoples. They are brutal and merciless when they are challenged and when they need to be. The U.S. owes trillions of dollars to China. You think this can go on like this forever? NO! The Korean Peninsula is the keg of powder ready to explode anytime.

Get rid of Kim Jong-il and his regime in North Korea now! China will lose its bulldog and millions of people will be freed from the Genocide. If it takes another Korean War, let it happen now, not later. Kim Jong-il may have a few nuclear bombs now, but he will have tens of dozens next year, two years later, or five years later. Things will get better, you think? People are still dying from hunger, cold, and fear in North Korea. People will die by the millions in South Korea in the near future if we do not get rid of this evil now. He has nuclear bombs. He has biochemicals. He is the evil of the century. We cannot wait any longer!

Sin-U Nam, AIA
Kim Jong-il’s Genecide Exhibit
Lifetime Member of Lincoln Forum


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