Monday, December 28, 2009

Honor Robert Park's Wish

When I first read the e-mail that a young Christian named Robert Park was planning to enter into North Korea by himself shouting peace and love from God, I thought to myself he was not going to do it. He could not possibly do it. Then, another e-mail that he was ready to do it. Is he going to do it, really? Now, he’s done it! He jumped off the cliff, ten thousand feet deep into the abyss. I felt numb. I still feel numb.

Should we rescue him the way Bill Clinton rescued Laura and Euna? I say no. We should honor his wish not to be ransomed out of North Korea. I watched seven years ago when MoFA Seven Freedom Fighters tried to get in to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing in August 2002. They all signed their death wish before they went to the devils den; Liberty or Death! They evaporated on the spot, and it still breaks my heart. I watch their faces everyday in my office on the wall. They are still looking at me. We’ve done what we had to do. What are you doing? I honor them and remember them in my heart everyday.

If some politicians or do-gooders try to ransom Robert Park out of North Korea, it will be like taking down Joan of Arc from the burning stake. Robert Park did what he had to do. He did what we all had to do. He did what I had to do long time ago. We have to honor his wish, and keep on fighting with this evil monster, Kim Jong-il.


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그저 눈물만 흐를 뿐입니다. 분명한 것은 이 용기있는 희생들은 결코 헛되지 않다는 것입니다.

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